Mold Remediation

Talon Environmental Services Inc. is your trusted source for

safe & proper mold remediation.

At Talon Environmental we want you to be aware of how

problematic mold can be. It has become an issue that more people are taking seriously, and with good reason.

Molds impact on our health can be moderate to severe.

Symptoms of mould exposure can include; headaches, tiredness, coughing, sore throat. More seriously mold can cause
bleeding of the lungs, and severe respiratory illnesses.

The IICRC has developed a standard for proper mold remediation. This standard amongst other things, ensures that cross
contamination of unaffected areas is avoided, and persons conducting the remediation are protected.

The previous methods of removing mold have now been proven ineffective. Simply washing away the visible mold does not kill it.
In fact, it feeds it! Agitating this living organism only encourages it to fight harder to stay alive by releasing spores into the air.
The task of Mold Remediation should always be done by a professional in the business that has had the proper training.

What you Can't See can hurt you!

Small amount of visible fungal
growth beside a cabinet
Upon removal of the cabinet a
serious problem becomes apparent.
Extensive growth is found behind
the scenes.

Fungal growth on roof sheathing is a common experience that often goes un-noticed
until a real estate transaction is pending or renovations take place.

Fungal growth within an attic space can be caused by; improper ventilation, faulty bathroom
or range hood ducting, a leaky roof and more.

Mold requires two things; a food source
and moisture. It can occur throughout our homes
and workplaces almost anywhere under
the right conditions.

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structural mold & mold remediation

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