Grow Op Remediation

Grow Operations can cause extensive damage to properties.

Residential & Commercial properties are being set up as mock greenhouses for the production of marijuana.

These buildings can become heavily contaminated by chemicals and mold growth.

Almost all of the municipalities in the region have bylaws in place pertaining to grow op's.

After the police have attended, owners of these homes and commercial spaces often find
themselves overwhelmed with the amount of work required to restore these properties.

It is extremely important that you do not enter the space until you know the level of
contamination you are dealing with, and how to properly protect yourself.

Often times the areas used for growing are poly wrapped, giving the impression
that any contaminants were contained. This is almost never the case.

We specialize in Grow-Op Remediation.

With lab documentation (provided by you) & a visual inspection,
we customize our remediation plan to suit each and every property.

We do not conduct testing as we feel there is an obvious conflict of interest,
for a remediator to test their own work.

We are here to assist you in passing all inspections & air tests required.

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